Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caficultura, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan.  

What a delight to get a coffee artistically prepared just for ME:

For breakfast:
"Pancakes" con Guineos Flameados:
buttermilk pancakes with bananas sauteed in sugar, butter, and rum.  

Tostadas Francesas de Leche de Coco en Pan Brioche con Mermelada de Pina y Coco rallado:
brioche bread coconut milk french toasts with pineapple marmalade and fresh coconut shavings. 
(this one was so delicious I can't wait to try it at home)

Everything was delicious.  
We decided to become temporary regulars and ate at the same place the next morning.  

The next day we had: 
Crepes de Batata Dulce rellena de Longaniza de Pollo y Queso de Cabra:
sweet potato crepes with crumlbed chicken sausage and goat cheese.  


Revoltillo de Vegetables frescos rostizados:
pimientos, tomato, cebollas y zetas con queso de papa o suizo

We drank coffee, of course, and ordered the Flaming June coffee which the waiter probably swore under his breath at us for ordering and struggled to light...but we enjoyed it anyway.  
And no, we didn't get a chance to see the museum where the Flaming June is hanging.  

Because this is SO worth a stop, here's a picture so you know what to look for.