Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birdseye Diner - Results

Just finished the meal and it was everything you would expect from a quality diner.  The wrap was exactly like you would want, but the hand cut fries made the meal.  Crispy, tender, with the perfect amount of salt.  The turkey was delivered as expected, except that the turkey was amazingly tender and delicious.

The service was casual and friendly, with a hometown feel to it.

This will be a regular stop when we are in the mood for comfort food done right.

Birdseye Diner - Castleton, VT

Who doesn't love diners?  I love almost everything about them except the uncertainty.  Dindrs seem to have either really good food or really bad food.  I guess some of them just stop trying.

The Birdseye Diner is one that still tries, and still excels.  We arrived in VT to a house with a fridge on the fritz.  This made cookin at home a real issue, so we ended up  eating out a lot, twiice at the diner.  Tonight makes our third time.  Two dinners and one breakfast.  The food has been consistently good, with a combination of classic dishes made the right way, and a few imaginative specials thrown in for good measure.  Add in a couple of good local beers, and you have paradise.

Tonight I'm trying the Taco Wrap and Kari is having the Turkey Dinner.  We'll let you know...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Table 24 - AGAIN!

Believe it or not, we went to Table 24 for a second time (the restaurant we planned on wasn't open for lunch.)  The service was excellent again.  We had a Blackened Salmon Sandwich that was good (3), The Wales St Salad which was exceptional (4.5) and an appetizer of Beer Cheese Spread with Tortilla chips that was also excellent (4).

This time it was just Kari and I.  The salad had a variety of well paired ingredients including avocado, dried blueberries (also an ingredient in the Very Wild Rice), corn bread croutons and more of their amazing rotiserrie chicken.  The dried blueberries were better than those you get in high end food stores (I'm wondering if they dry their own.)  The salmon came with sweet potato fries that were a bit over-salted (though with good quality salt - kosher I believe.)  The beer cheese reminded me of an old southern favorite - pimento cheese spread - but this one had it's own personality.  We will be back.

A Note about Ratings

     1 -- Spit it Out Awful!!
     2 -- Not good, but Stayed and Paid for it
     3 -- OK, but not rushing back
     4 -- Would make it a point to Eat there again
     5 -- Would go back...TOMORROW!!!

     Hope this helps!!

Table 24, Rutland, VT

Lunch Meal.


Blue Cheese Chips -- 3 1/2
Jerk Chicken Fondue -- 4 1/2 (waitress said she would bathe herself in it if she could and we just might agree with that)
Very Wild Rice -- 4 1/2 (Unique and delicious)

Rotisserie Chicken  -- 4 1/2
Vegetable Sandwich -- the Eater would give it 4, but the other didn't think it rated so high!
BLT -- 3

Sweet Potato Fries -- oohLaLa Yum

Service was incredible...good advice, good attention, and the staff actually seemed enthusiastic about the menu and the restaurant.  It didn't just seem like they were giving you the line they're paid to give!!
4 3/4 on Service!!

Overall: 4 1/2

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Post

Created this blog sitting at Table24 in Rutland, VT.  Expect reviews of food, restaurants and travel by the most opinionated people I know: my family!