Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Steel City Pizza - Summerville, SC - 2nd Visit

We decided to stop here again as a result of a post tax preparation pizza craving and subsequent discovery that Papa Murphy's closes at 8pm.  We enjoyed the food on our first visit, but the service was iffy, I assume because they had just opened a few days ago.  The service tonight was much better and Keith and Quentin, our server and food deliverer did a lot to make it successful.  Keith noted that we were sharing food and made sure that it was split up for us (without us needing to ask.)  Quentin delivered the food with cheer and enthusiasm, and made it a point to make sure we enjoyed it.

The Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad was excellent.  The dressing very good and generous portions of excellent BACON.  The price was awesome too.  $3.25 for a good size salad.  We gave it a 3.75 (If we rated value it would be a 4.5)

We had the Godfather Wedgie, which is like a sandwich wrapped in a pizza.  It was quite good, with a generous amount of fillings and the serving size was perfect for two people.  It rates a 4.0.

The beer selection is good and they seem to be getting their operational groove on.  They will probably be a regular stop for us.

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Fuel - Charleston, SC

This renovated old style gas station sports indoor outdoor bar areas, classic gas station signage and modified garage implements adapted to a restaurant.  It still has the classic garage stall doors, one of which can close of the outside portion of the bar from the elements.
Our server today was Hannah, and it was her first day.  She did a good job taking our order and keeping the food coming at a decent pace.  Overall the food was good to great, with a few minor sticking points.  I would say that the owners concepts and flavor ideas are spot on, we just saw some of the vagaries of execution that happen once in a while.  Since the issues were minor, I expect we will be back to enjoy more of the great flavors demonstrated here.

The one main issue we had was that the restaurant opened at 4pm, but dinner wasn't served until 4:30.  We're ready to forgive this since this gave our starving bodies the desire to try the Queso which was excellent and included flour tortillas which, though not homemade (who can execute that without breaking the bank) were grilled and delicious - 4.0.  The Ho Cakes were a little dry, but awesome flavor we gave them a 3.5

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich also provided excellent flavor combinations, though Kari thought it could be more spicy and I though it could be less.  The breast was a little overdone, but overall it was good - 3.5  They were served with Sweet Plantain Fritters which were amazing.  I don't even like plantains and I thought they were good - 4.5  The highlight of the meal were the Pulled Pork Tacos.  Usually a pulled pork sandwich or taco will have too much slaw, but these were LOADED with pork and had just enough delicious slaw to complement the flavor - 4.25.

Overall a good meal and one that will tempt us to return soon.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Steel City Pizza - Summerville, SC

This place attracted our attention the moment they put out the "Coming Soon" sign.  We all love pizza, and looked forward to a new place and, hopefully, some good pizza.  The pizza did not disappoint, it was quite good.  The service was pretty mediocre, but you expect that three days after they open, so we'll give them a mulligan on that.  The beer selection was quite good, and the atmosphere was nice, with inside and outside bars and plenty of seating.  Still, it was PACKED for a weekday night.

We started with fries that were good and came with an excellent honey mustard sauce.  3.25

The pizza was definitely the high point.  We tried three slices (love pizza by the slice!)  The Steel City Special was basically a loaded pizza - 4.0, The Mega Meaty just as described - 4.25.  And the White was nice with no red sauce but sliced tomatoes - 3.75
The Eggplant Parmesan was a disappointment.  Basic pasta, overbreaded eggplant, decent sauce.  2.5.
The dessert was Zeppoli - puffed dough with vanilla, caramel and raspberry sauce - all together.  I think we would have preferred just one of the sauces, but it was still good.  3.5  Steel City points out that you can order a specific sauce if you want - we'll do that next time!
Bottom line, come here for the pizza and beer, why bother with anything else anyway?

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chick-Fil-A - Quick Mention

We don't normally review fast food here at Bumblechick (if we did there'd be a s**t ton more posts!) but we went here on the spur of the moment and it had been a long time.  I just wanted to mention that I'd forgotten how friendly and un-fast-food-like the atmosphere is.

And I like their chicken too.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Queen Anne's Revenge - Daniel Island, SC

Queen Anne's Revenge is a classic, pirate themed restaurant that still delivers excellent food.  They are appropriate for kids and adults.  The food is reliably good, and the service generally fast and friendly.  They have exceptional prime rib, and have mastered the art of exact cooking temperatures - so you get exactly the doneness you want.  The bar menu has a great variety of good, craft and local beers, so there's something for everyone.

Oysters Rockefeller - perfectly presented and delicious - 4.0
Prime Rib - Medium, just like my friend ordered it.  Amazingly delicious - 4.5
Ribs with Sweet Potato Chips.  The ribs were a little over-spiced, and a little overdone, but still pretty good.  3.0
Chicken Saltimbocca - Great alfredo sauce, but a little light on the chicken.  3.5

BLT Sandwich.with Pimento Mac and Cheese.  The Mac and Cheese was awesome!  I usually shy away from restaurant Mac and Cheese since it usually lacks strong flavor, but this was great - 4.5.  The BLT could have used more bacon, but still good.  3.75

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Friday, March 2, 2012

East Bay Deli - Charleston, SC

This was our second choice for lunch after the Aquarium visit.  Our first choice was Ted's, but they were wayyyyyyy crowded.  These guys were an okay second choice.  The food was good, if not spectacular, and the service was quick and friendly.

Turkey Reuben.  Pretty good, with generous amounts of turkey and really good sauerkraut.  Bottom half was a little soggy - more than expected.  Still good at a 3.5
Tessa's Turkey, with Avocado Spread, Bacon, Cream Cheese and Grilled Onions.  He was smart and got fries with his - they were pretty good.  I thought the sandwich was a little busy, but he enjoyed it.  Guess that's a 3.75

I got the classic Italian.  Again the portions of meat and cheese were generous, but the meat quality was just okay.  I found myself eating it, and I was satisfied, but not really impressed.  3.0

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sesame Burger - North Charleston, SC

What can I say about Bacon Cheeseburgers after Brewvival.  It's hard not to enjoy perfectly cooked burgers topped with cheddar and BACON!  Kari got the Sliders and really enjoyed them.  For some reason my memory of this meal is a bit fuzzy...
Sliders - 3.5
Ultimate Burger - 4.25
Bacon Cheeseburge - 4.0

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