Sunday, November 6, 2011

Charleston's Cafe - Mt Pleasant, SC

You know the food is good when you completely forget to take pictures.  I was staring at a massacre of eggs, pulled pork, cheese, spinach, biscuits...within 5 minutes of getting served.  I know you didn't want to see a picture of that!

For those of you who know Charleston's Cafe, you probably think I got one of the Island Casseroles - trick question - you didn't see chippers on the list!  One of their specials was a hash dish based on pulled pork that was amazing!  Add perfectly cooked eggs, biscuits, and awesome coffee and you have my meal.  A solid 4.5!

Kari had a Dewee's Island Casserole and a single Pumpkin Pancake with caramel drizzle.  Both 4.25!

Charleston's Cafe remains the best breakfast in Chucktown!

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