Friday, December 9, 2011

Juanita Greenberg's - Mt. Pleasant, SC

The search continues for good Mexican in Charleston that doesn't come from a restaurant on wheels.  And the search continues.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Juanita's, they're just adequate food that will not satisfy anyone from or who's lived in the Southwest.  Service was very slow, despite almost no one in the restaurant.  In fact, from our seats we could watch the cook slowly preparing the group ahead of us' food, and then slowly prepare ours.  I like that they make it to order, but step it up a bit please.

The highlight of the meal was the trio of Guac, Salsa and Queso.  They were all good, and the chips were decent for chips from a bag.  3.25

The Quesadilla was well stuffed and tasted decent.  3.0

The fish tacos were a big disappointment.  When you can't even beat a fast food chain (Rubios) don't even bother.  2.25

 The waitress was attentive and the beer selection okay.  I'm not saying don't go here, but next time I'll go to Andolini's next door (same ownership - better result.)

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