Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pizza Roma Diner - North Charleston, SC - 2nd Visit

Quick, photo-free review of Pizza Roma Diner.  This was a spur of the moment visit so I had no camera.  Last time we had breakfast, this time, dinner, specifically, pizza.

We had the Three Little Piggies (BACON, ham and sausage) and the White Burgundy Pizza (white cheeses with mushrooms and onions.)  The crusts were exceptional and the tomato sauce on the piggies was delicious.  It had great tomato flavor but did not overwhelm the rest of the pizza.  The piggies had the perfect amount of toppings.  We gave the Piggies a 4.25 and the White a 3.5.  I really expect to enjoy a lot of pizzas here because they have the basics down pat (crust and sauce.)  The lower score on the White was probably more a matter of taste preferences than a reflection on the quality.

We plan on going here again for dessert (we spent at least ten minutes drooling over the dessert case!)

Give these guys a try, you'll enjoy it.

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