Friday, November 2, 2012

Charleston Bakery and Deli - Summerville, SC

Almond Danish was LOADED with goodies!  Easily a 4.75!  Coffee is also excellent.

Kari had the Lox and Bagel latter with all the usual accoutrements.  The lox was very good and the portions were enormous!  The only unusual thing is that the bagel was preloaded with the salmon and cream cheese, so we had to remove some of the cream cheese to suit our tastes.  Used to seeing it on the side.  Not a big deal, we'll just know to ask for it on the side next time.  Oh, and the bagels were perfect.  4.25.

I had the Two Egg Breakfast with Grits and Bagel.  The eggs were properly over medium, grits good, and, as mentioned before the bagel was delicious.  I'll give it a 4.00.

This is definitely our go to breakfast place in Summerville!

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