Monday, June 27, 2011

Table 24, Rutland, VT

Lunch Meal.


Blue Cheese Chips -- 3 1/2
Jerk Chicken Fondue -- 4 1/2 (waitress said she would bathe herself in it if she could and we just might agree with that)
Very Wild Rice -- 4 1/2 (Unique and delicious)

Rotisserie Chicken  -- 4 1/2
Vegetable Sandwich -- the Eater would give it 4, but the other didn't think it rated so high!
BLT -- 3

Sweet Potato Fries -- oohLaLa Yum

Service was incredible...good advice, good attention, and the staff actually seemed enthusiastic about the menu and the restaurant.  It didn't just seem like they were giving you the line they're paid to give!!
4 3/4 on Service!!

Overall: 4 1/2

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