Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birdseye Diner - Castleton, VT

Who doesn't love diners?  I love almost everything about them except the uncertainty.  Dindrs seem to have either really good food or really bad food.  I guess some of them just stop trying.

The Birdseye Diner is one that still tries, and still excels.  We arrived in VT to a house with a fridge on the fritz.  This made cookin at home a real issue, so we ended up  eating out a lot, twiice at the diner.  Tonight makes our third time.  Two dinners and one breakfast.  The food has been consistently good, with a combination of classic dishes made the right way, and a few imaginative specials thrown in for good measure.  Add in a couple of good local beers, and you have paradise.

Tonight I'm trying the Taco Wrap and Kari is having the Turkey Dinner.  We'll let you know...

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