Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizza Roma Diner - North Charleston, SC

This place has been on Kari's radar for months.  We finally went in for a Sunday breakfast and were treated with a very warm welcome and a man (one of the owners, turns out) who was very enthusiastic about the specials and the menu.  We liked the decor, especially the license plates on the wall.  We also thought it was funny all the efforts around the place to get people to suggest them as a candidate for Diners, Drive-in and Dives.  We think they'd be a good one, so here's the email address to help:

The dessert case almost made us want to skip breakfast!  It was full of the most beautiful and delicious looking cakes I've seen in a while.  If the other owner, Heather, was not an experienced pastry chef, I would have assumed these to be made off-site, but they're all her creations.  We'll have to come back and give them a try. (She also does custom cakes, the pictures of which looked amazing!)

Kari had the Red Velvet Pancakes with Mini Chocolate Chips and Godiva Chocolate Syrup.  More dessert than breakfast, they were awesome!  Exactly what you imagine they would be, without knowing how it was possible.  Kari gave them a 4.0, and I agree.  She also had their grits which were near perfect - didn't need any additional butter: 4.25.  She was a bit of a pig and had the breakfast sausage too, I really don't like breakfast sausage but this was really good.  Not overly spiced like too many, Kari thought it needed more.  I give it a 4.75, Kari gives it a 3.5.

I had the Ricotta Based Breakfast Pizza with Bacon.  This had generous amounts of Bacon, with two sunny-side up eggs on top.  The yolks could have been runnier, but if they're going to be off one way or another, I prefer harder yokes to runny whites, so it's okay.  The crust had amazing flavor, and the only minor complaint I have is a difficult and common problem with pizza not served in a box: a slightly soggy crust right at the tips of the slices.  Top of the line pizza places still struggle with this, so I'm not going to whine too much.  Even with those little things, I loved it and give it a 4.5.

We will definitely be coming here for dinner in the not too distant future.  Give these guys a try, they are right off 526 at Dorchester Rd, very convenient if you're driving by.

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