Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweatman's - Holly Hill, SC

We've actually been here twice before making this blog post.  The pictures are from the first visit.  The second visit was a post tax season get together, and since the only thing a sane person would get here is the pork buffet, I already had enough pictures (Kari is not sane, on our first visit she got the chicken plate.)  Sweatman's has changed ownership recently, and that had me a little worried.  In talking with Mark, the new owner, and tasting the food, I need not have worried.  Things that are the same:  Great pulled pork, $10 price including tax, and friendly staff.  Things that have changed, a few more sides, a better entrance layout, banana pudding included, and a one plate limit on the buffet.  I thought the limit might be an issue, but you can get an a**ton of food on the plate.  They also portion control the ribs, but I think the dark pork is the best.

For those who haven't been to Sweatman's, here's what's on the buffet line with my rating:
Green Beans 3.0
Mac and Cheese 3.5
Baked Beans 3.25
Ribs 4.25
Light Pulled Pork 4.0
Dark Pulled Pork 5.0 (The best I have ever had) 
Rice 3.0
Hash 4.0
Skin 4.25
Coleslaw 3.0
Banana Pudding 3.25
Sweet and Dill Pickles, Bread, Sweet and Unsweetened Tea
Mustard BBQ Sauce  4.75
Tomato BBQ Sauce  4.0
Vinegar BBQ Sauce  4.0

The dark pulled pork is the essence of all that is good and wondrous about the pig.  It has lots of delicious bark, tender, big chunks of meat, wonderful flavor without sauce, and an amazing mouthfeel caused by the breakdown of fat and connective tissue.  I believe they are open now, I may not finish this post before I have to go get some!

Kari had the chicken platter and enjoyed it, but she should have had the buffet.  She gave it a 3.0

I admit that I am a transplanted Yankee who only "discovered" Barbecue 12 years ago, but I attest that, to me, Sweatman's is the best I've had, and I've had a lot!  It is worth the trip to get this food!  Stop in at Beidler Forest for a good swamp walk if you need another excuse to get to this particular middle of nowhere. 

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