Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blaze - Bar Harbor, ME

Dogfish Head 120 Minute on Tap.  They're already awesome in my book!  In addition they have about thirty taps filled with some great local beer as well as some awesome rare ones from around the country.  The beer got us to come in, the food's gonna get us to come back!

We had Grilled Endive as a side dish.  Most of the food is fire roasted and this is no exception.  They didn't do anything fancy except a little spice, oil and then fire.  Endive can be bitter and so we don't eat it enough (it's super good for you.)  This preparation was awesome with just a hint of bitter to round out the flavor.  4.25
This is a 2 pound fire roasted lobster.  This is a great way to have lobster because it adds a ton of flavor and requires a lot less work to get at.  It was so succulent and rich you didn't even need the butter!  The corn and potatoes were great too!  5.0

I had the pork belly tacos.  The roasted tomatoes on the side were delicious.  The tacos were everything you would expect with a generous portion of pork belly served with a lovely slaw of cabbage and radishes.  4.5

This place is pretty new, but I'm confident they're going to be around for a while.  They really put great effort into making sure they have fresh food and unique beers.  They even put wild maine blueberries in  the blueberry beers they serve (if you like that kind of beer.)

We will definitely be visiting these guys again!

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