Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Esselon - Hadley, MA

You have to do something special to get me to enjoy Eggs Benedict without meat.  Esselon did that.  I actually didn't look at the special board close enough and just assumed some sort of pig meat would be on the Benedict.  There wasn't, and I didn't care.  It was on ciabatta bread, had poached eggs, tomatoes, beet greens and homemade basil hollandaise.  Absolutely awesome - 4.75

Kari had the Bagel Platter which included everything you could ever want on a bagel, plus a salad.  We think it deserves a 4.0

The drinks were awesome too!  I'm not sure you can get Matcha like this during the rush, but it was a nice touch.  The fresh, local apple cider was quite good.

Love the decor in here, and the staff is quite friendly.  Free Wi-Fi, all the amenities of a coffee shop with really good meals.

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