Monday, March 5, 2012

Queen Anne's Revenge - Daniel Island, SC

Queen Anne's Revenge is a classic, pirate themed restaurant that still delivers excellent food.  They are appropriate for kids and adults.  The food is reliably good, and the service generally fast and friendly.  They have exceptional prime rib, and have mastered the art of exact cooking temperatures - so you get exactly the doneness you want.  The bar menu has a great variety of good, craft and local beers, so there's something for everyone.

Oysters Rockefeller - perfectly presented and delicious - 4.0
Prime Rib - Medium, just like my friend ordered it.  Amazingly delicious - 4.5
Ribs with Sweet Potato Chips.  The ribs were a little over-spiced, and a little overdone, but still pretty good.  3.0
Chicken Saltimbocca - Great alfredo sauce, but a little light on the chicken.  3.5

BLT Sandwich.with Pimento Mac and Cheese.  The Mac and Cheese was awesome!  I usually shy away from restaurant Mac and Cheese since it usually lacks strong flavor, but this was great - 4.5.  The BLT could have used more bacon, but still good.  3.75

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