Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fuel - Charleston, SC

This renovated old style gas station sports indoor outdoor bar areas, classic gas station signage and modified garage implements adapted to a restaurant.  It still has the classic garage stall doors, one of which can close of the outside portion of the bar from the elements.
Our server today was Hannah, and it was her first day.  She did a good job taking our order and keeping the food coming at a decent pace.  Overall the food was good to great, with a few minor sticking points.  I would say that the owners concepts and flavor ideas are spot on, we just saw some of the vagaries of execution that happen once in a while.  Since the issues were minor, I expect we will be back to enjoy more of the great flavors demonstrated here.

The one main issue we had was that the restaurant opened at 4pm, but dinner wasn't served until 4:30.  We're ready to forgive this since this gave our starving bodies the desire to try the Queso which was excellent and included flour tortillas which, though not homemade (who can execute that without breaking the bank) were grilled and delicious - 4.0.  The Ho Cakes were a little dry, but awesome flavor we gave them a 3.5

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich also provided excellent flavor combinations, though Kari thought it could be more spicy and I though it could be less.  The breast was a little overdone, but overall it was good - 3.5  They were served with Sweet Plantain Fritters which were amazing.  I don't even like plantains and I thought they were good - 4.5  The highlight of the meal were the Pulled Pork Tacos.  Usually a pulled pork sandwich or taco will have too much slaw, but these were LOADED with pork and had just enough delicious slaw to complement the flavor - 4.25.

Overall a good meal and one that will tempt us to return soon.

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