Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Steel City Pizza - Summerville, SC - 2nd Visit

We decided to stop here again as a result of a post tax preparation pizza craving and subsequent discovery that Papa Murphy's closes at 8pm.  We enjoyed the food on our first visit, but the service was iffy, I assume because they had just opened a few days ago.  The service tonight was much better and Keith and Quentin, our server and food deliverer did a lot to make it successful.  Keith noted that we were sharing food and made sure that it was split up for us (without us needing to ask.)  Quentin delivered the food with cheer and enthusiasm, and made it a point to make sure we enjoyed it.

The Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad was excellent.  The dressing very good and generous portions of excellent BACON.  The price was awesome too.  $3.25 for a good size salad.  We gave it a 3.75 (If we rated value it would be a 4.5)

We had the Godfather Wedgie, which is like a sandwich wrapped in a pizza.  It was quite good, with a generous amount of fillings and the serving size was perfect for two people.  It rates a 4.0.

The beer selection is good and they seem to be getting their operational groove on.  They will probably be a regular stop for us.

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