Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bistro 63 - Amherst, MA

Our dinner here started out pretty well, though the waitress lacked some knowledge of the menu that you would expect (are the spring rolls fried?)  The beer selection includes some local brews and the bread they provide with Tapenade was exceptional.  The Chef was obviously passionate about the food, but as our meal progressed the mediocre service and average to poor food started to lower our opinion.  It became clear that the waitstaff was poorly trained.  They tried and were very friendly, but they missed so many obvious things:  Poor knowledge of the menu, saying we got salads with our entrees when we did not, slow to check up on food quality, not offering additional beverages until meal almost completely done, not offering dessert, and hovering in a cluster near the bar talking.

The Crostini appetizer was the highlight of the meal, covered in cheese and grape tomatoes.  We were not offered a choice of cheese, but the mozzarella it came with was perfect.  We gave this a 4.0.  Paul had the Chicken Amore which was the best entree, properly cooked and tender with a delicious demi-glaze.  He gave it a 3.75.

I didn't get pictures again (bad blogger) and the rest of the meal was mediocre so just scores and reasons.

Sirloin Steak, 2.0, undercooked and tasted like hamburger, not a premium cut of beef - also some gristle.

Penne Vodka, 3.0, just okay, nothing special

Half Rack of Ribs Special, 2.75, great sauce but the ribs were cooked way to early and thus were overdone and crunchy/blackened by the time I got them.

The Bathroom:  The 'ladies' room was tiled with black tile which I personally think was a bad choice as it tends to look dirty, even if it's not dirty, and the bathroom was dirty.  As we all know this is one of my personal pet peeves: if you don't bother to clean what people are going to see, then how does the kitchen that I can't see look?  And the toilets, yes toilets.  There were TWO of them.  Yes, two positioned side by side with no divider as if two women are actually going to pee side by side together. All I can envision is some young (male) architect thinking, "Well, women always go to the bathroom together, this is genius, with my design they can pee at the same time."  Nope, not working for me.  And it creeped me out even more that the second toilet's seat was up.  Hmmm.  

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