Thursday, July 19, 2012

Table 24 - Rutland, VT

Table 24 was the beginning of BumbleChick Food and on return visits, it has never disappointed.  

On our first experience, we were told that this dish was good enough to bathe in!  And it's true, again the Jerk Chicken Fondue rates a 5.0

Tortilla Soup 4 1/2

Wedge Salad 4
We also had an arugula salad that was what one would expect: good, but nothing too too special.  

Table 24 Chicken 4 1/2.  This was delicious!!
This was MY dinner though and I thought it was incredible and I rarely would order a chicken meal....

Chicken Pot Pie 4 1/4 (though there was argument that it only deserved a 3 3/4)

Mushroom Risotto 3 1/2-4
(the LAST time I was here, the time that never got blogged, our waitress was so AWESOME, she packed up my leftovers with such care to make it last a three hour drive to our next destination)

Mac n' Cheese 4

Butternut Ravioli 3 1/2-3.75

Salmon Carbonara 3 1/2 was the consensus, but Kirk who ordered it gave it a 3.75

Banana Cream good we gave it a 4 1/2
(we ate this at the last unblogged lunch and had it AGAIN this time)

Blueberry Creme Brulee.  4 1/2.
I used to be a Creme Brulee connoisseur...this used to be all I ever got for dessert and it isn't the BEST I've ever had, but it was good.  (and it will never be as good as Tara's)

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