Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Blind Pig - Athol, MA

We stopped in at our favorite Athol restaurant/pub for a big meal after kayaking Tully Lake.  The Blind Pig has a great beer selection, extensive menu with lots of crazy variety (including sandwiches with a ton of meat!) and a friendly staff who are not afraid to have fun with the customers.

Today we were taken care of by Nick, the namesake of one of our sandwiches.  We assumed he had been an employee when it was named but it turns out he was a customer.  I can only assume he is working now to pay off his bar tab!

We started with a Caprese Salad appetizer and some buffalo wings.  The salad was nearly perfect, really no difference between it and what we got on Capri in Italy.  I'd give it a 4.25.  The wings were also excellent.  I gave them a 4.5 (and I'm not a buffalo wing fan!)  No pictures of these, they didn't last long enough...

This here's The Bart, an incredibly meat filled and melted cheese covered pile of wonderful.  I can't even remember what was on it, but we love this: 4.5
Here we have the Masala Vegetarian Burger.  You can see the pita bread it's served on.  She got it with Sweet Potato Tater Tots!  This was also a lovely sandwich and she rated it a 4.25
This ones the Nick.  Turkey Ham and Bacon (I think) with a cheese that's not swiss (Nick don't like Swiss.)  Served with Sweet Po Fries that were excellent.  This is probably our favorite sandwich here and I gave it a 4.75
This is Monte's Pig Melt:  Bacon and Ham with Cheese and Barbecue Sauce.  We gave it a 4.

I know I didn't get all the ingredients right, we were too busy eating to pay close enough attention.  Trust me though, there all good.  They have a refrigerator full of local brews (including Element Brewing!) and a chalkboard of what's on tap - again - mostly great local brews.  They'll let you have a sample if you're suspicious of that beer that has no hops and instead has weird spices.

You might assume by looking at it that The Blind Pig would be a good bar with good bar food, and you would be right.  What you'd be missing is that they can compete with most restaurants for variety and quality of food.  I would not hesitate to take a family here for a dinner (though maybe not at 10 pm.)  You should try them out.

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