Monday, July 16, 2012

Melaza Caribbean Bistro - Woodstock, VT

No pictures because the stupid phone won't behave on the navigation dock in the car!  It charges until fully charged, then stops charging, and won't charge again even if it goes dead!  So we get out of the car in Woodstock and the phone immediately says Sorry no Juicay and turns off.  I'm sure it's operator error, but it's still frustrating.

We had intended to try Bentleys but they were closed so we wandered here instead.  The decor was nice, the menu was varied and enticing and the staff friendly and helpful.  Shortly after we were seated, Jane Lynch wandered in for dinner with a friend, so that was a good sign.

Kari had the Banana Leaf Wrapped Grouper with Sweet Plantain Risotto.  The Grouper was topped with a pineapple, papaya and mint salsa which was excellent and it was cooked with milk and lime.  The fish was perfectly cooked and tender.  The risotto was also excellent and the entire dish melded into an enjoyable whole.  She gave it a 4.0.

I had the Flat Iron Steak which was served with a Red Wine and Onion Sauce and Chorizo Potato Croquettes.  The croquettes were awesome, perfectly crisped and hot and steamy inside.  The chorizo was detectable but not overpowering.  The only negative I would say was that the cut of meat wasn't perfect - it had a line of gristle running through.  But it was perfectly cooked and went great with the sauce so I cut around the chewy bits and enjoyed the rest.  It was a generous portion and it's a hazard with this cut of beef so I don't mind so much.  I gave it a 3.75.

Overall a good experience and we will probably pop in again on our many trips through town.

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