Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Capri - Florida City, FL

Pet peeve alert!  A server should be familiar with all draft beers, especially the local ones.  We asked about a local beer, Schnebly, and our server said they had Longhammer and Shock Top by them!  Also, don't serve it to me in a Bud Light glass.  And, as long as we're on pet peeves, he didn't do this wrong, but I hate when I ask about good beer and they start with Bud and Miller.

The actual beer was Big Rod Blonde Ale with coconut and vanilla.  Actually quite good!

The salad was peaked and small, with crappy lettuce.  See the picture.  2.0

Kari had the Delmonico Steak (ribeye) and it was perfectly cooked with a beautiful crust.  4.25

I had the Steak au Poivre which was awesomely peppery and also perfectly cooked.  4.00.

Banana Cream Pie was excellent but Kari was wrong about it going well with the beer.  3.75

Despite the pet peeves and the iffy salad, the meal and service was quite good.  The kitchen obviously had its act together (the salad looked pre-prepared by server staff.)

I would definitely come again.

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