Thursday, September 27, 2012

Encore - Key Largo, FL

Another recommendation from the boat captain.  This is a sister restaurant to The Fish House and looking at their hours reminds you of the Key Largo uniqueness.  Some businesses close for a month at a time during the quiet season.  The Fish House is closed in September, but Encore is open - weird.

Kari got the Key Like Margarita with graham cracker on the rim.  It was strange, in a good way.

A lot of staff conversation going on within earshot of the customers.  I learned a lot about the inner politics of Encore.

Lots of cool Bogart movie posters on the wall: Key Largo, The African Queen, Casablanca...

Kari tried the Spiny Lobster, which is supposed to be a bit sweeter than it's cousin from Maine.  I thought it a bit tough but still great flavor.  The vegetables were zucchini and carrots sliced thin.  It also came with mashed sweet potatoes which were excellent.  3.5

I had Snapper Matecumbe, which is broiled and typed with onions, shallots, basil, capers and tomatoes.  This was awesome.  Truly a great way to serve a nice fish fillet.  4.75

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