Friday, June 29, 2012

Samovar - San Francisco, CA

This is a high end Tea Garden that specializes in providing Tea service with an international flair.  They have an excellent selection of tea and pair it with "High Teas" ranging from English, Moorish, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.  The food was varied and excellent.  We had the Moorish and the Japanese.  There were too many individual food items to describe here, but they were all very good and well put together.  We loved the Moroccan Mint Tea so much that we bought some to take home.

We also had the tea cookie sampler which was okay.  The atmosphere was very nice, set in the center of downtown San Fran, with views of modern buildings fronted by older architecture.  It was part of a public park which was cool, except for the screaming child on a skateboard being ignored by her mother on the phone who blazed through the diners every two minutes.  If you're that person, and you're reading this - you suck.

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