Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Armsby Abbey, Worcester, MA

We were drawn here by an ad in Worcester Living that we picked up at the train station.  The ad said that Beer Advocate rated the Armsby Abbey the "#5 Best place in the world to have a pint".  Hmmm, well we had to check that out!

After a short walk from the train station we found the PACKED Armsby.  We crowded into a table and, lucky for us, we got a table to ourselves.  Because of limited space the Armsby will have guests share tables when necessary (that will change by December with a new remodel)--but that would have been OK, reminded me of Paris and being packed into tables with natives in small restaurants.

It was delicious!  The soup was phenomenal.  The heirloom tomato salad fresh and yummy (yes, Kirk, yummy), and I know tomatoes and all the fixin's aren't cheap, but the $12 salad would not have come close to filling me up on its own (my only complaint).  Paul had the Belgian Waffle (it was brunch time) and oh so good.

Yup.  This was good.  Paul made sure to have a pint and though we can't agree that it's the top five place in the WORLD to have a pint (or even the top ten), it was a surprisingly good time and we'll be back.  And we recommend it to anyone else in the area.

Oh, and Kirk, you'll be going there next summer!!!

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