Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Husk Bar - Charleston, SC

We stopped in at our favorite bar for a few drinks and to see the worlds greatest mixologist - Weaver.  As usual, there were some great new drinks on the menu like (descriptions from the menu):

Master and Margarita - scoring a 4.25
The tippling choice of Woland and Behemoth. Red chili vodka, Chinese five spice bitters, ginger beer, red chili. 

Rosco Pisco Punch - scoring a 4.5
A Refreshing way to wipe out your “Hazzard”ous day. Pisco, brandy, green tea, fire roasted orange, raw sugar.

We also got a hint of a few that were coming, let's just say we're excited as hell!

 The Ham on a Plate was from Surrey, VA and quite good as usual - 4.5.  Chef Brock popped in to try it and a taste of Bourbon, I can only assume he approved.

We had The Soy Chicken Wings and The Catfish and Onion Chips as well.  The onion chips were like little mini onion rings, the fish delightful and crispy, and the homemade tartar sauce out of this world - 4.25.  The Wings were tender and juicy, with just enough spiciness - 3.75.

We saw them unlooading an enormous pumpkin in front of the restaurant.  We can only wonder what the mad genius chef has in mind for it.  Or maybe Weaver has a cocktail idea...

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