Monday, October 1, 2012

Mrs. Macs - Key Largo, FL

This restaurant was highly rated by Fodors and Tripadvisor.  They weren't open on our first pass through so we were thrilled to stop in on our way out of the Keys.  That's a lot of hype to live up to so let's hope they can do it.

The decor is over the top nautical - in a good way.  Tons of shells, sea glass, buoys and more.

Big Pet Peeve violation!  In a large uncrowded restaurant we were sat next to a couple with a loud child who mercifully left quickly.  Then, minutes later, in a near empty restaurant, they sit a party of 8 with SIX children all under the age of eight RIGHT NEXT TO US.  This is RIDICULOUS!!!

The Hogfish Sandwich was pretty good, kind of an upscale Filet 'o Fish: 3.5

The Sweet Po Fries were better: 3.5

The Greek Salad: 3.5

Can't write more, must escape children.

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  1. There were six of them - they weren't really bad, but 6 times mildly bad = really sucky...