Monday, October 29, 2012

Fleet Landing - Charleston, SC

Stopped in for lunch on a Monday.  Plenty of seating, but it took a while for us to get served.  Not too long, but I still hate that awkward few minutes while servers walk by you to go to other tables.  It's worse when you're wicked hungry.

The wedge salad had an excellent blue cheese dressing.  I'm a big fan of wedge salads since most garden salads are not cut small enough so you end up smushing giant lettuce leaves into your mouth and getting dressing on your cheeks.  With a wedge, you cut just what you want.  You might say why don't you cut your regular salads, to which I would respond shut up.  Score the salad a 4.25.

Took a long time to get our food.  Whenever this happens I tell myself to start timing the service on future visits, but I never remember to.  Got an apology for it taking too long.

Kari had the Blackened Wreck Fish with Red Rice and Broccoli and Cheese.  The fish was okay, a little boring.  The sides also decent but not awesome.  3.0

I had the Turkey Sandwich which had a great cranberry and walnut sauce.  The sandwich was beautifully toasted.  The Pasta Salad was dry and bland.  4.0 for the sandwich, 2.5 for the salad.

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