Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glazed Gourmet Donuts - Charleston, SC

Maple Bacon Donut, Maple Bacon Donut, Maple BACON Donut...You're out?  Curses!

Bottom line, get here early because they make 'em, sell 'em and then they're gone.  Like the sign says, open until 3PM or doughnuts gone.

So we tried Candied Ginger, Raspberry and Plain Glazed.  Having worked in the doughnut industry before, I know there are a lot of mediocre donuts out there.  I was even prepared to relegate these guys to the fancying up an OK product category.  But I was wrong.  The basic doughnut they produce is really good.  It's properly leavened but still cakey.  Just like a doughnut should be.  It doesn't smush to nothingness as soon as you take a bite, but still has the puffy, fluffy feel you want.

The plain glazed were excellent:

The raspberry frosting was super fruity:

The Candied Ginger was the best of the bunch:

We're going to show up when they open next time.  Maple Bacon....

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  1. I probably shouldn't read the blog when I'm 'fasting'?