Friday, February 17, 2012

The Griffon - Charleston, SC

So, what are a food bloggers responsibilities?  Is it my job to try new things so I can expand on the knowledge of a place?  Or is it my job to try the dishes a place is known for, to confirm they still exceed expectations?  Are the wife and I obligated to try different things, for variety and detail?  Or is it okay that we went to The Griffon for Fish and Chips, both ordered Fish and Chips, and both loved (as we knew we would) the Fish and Chips?

Who gives a crap.  I love my readers, but I love Griffon's Fish and Chips more, and there was no way I was going to let Kari trick me into getting something else by her insistence on getting the aforementioned Fish and Chips.

If you've read this blog, you know that The Griffon is my go-to place for Fish and Chips.  Evidence HERE.

Today they did not disappoint.  Despite a crowded Thursday night dining crowd, they provided quick service and hot, delicious, crispy Fish and Chips.  Kari and I have been to England twice, and these are still the best.  The fish is hot and tender and the crust is thick and crispy, without a hint of sogginess.  The portion is generous and the fries piping hot.  The only complaint would be a little too much salt on the fries - but I still loved them.  We give the dish a 4.5 (the fish itself is a 5.0)

They also have great atmosphere, great beer selection, and an awesome location to fit in with a night downtown.

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