Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perfectly Franks - Summerville, SC

Oftentimes you find a place that puts a lot of effort into being original, but fails to put the requisite effort into doing things well. Perfectly Franks is NOT one of those places. From the moment we saw their pimento cheese and pulled pork on our meals, I knew they put real work into making certain that their ingredients lived up to their imagination.

The staff was universally friendly, hard-working and helpful. The place was clean and nicely decorated, with tons of space and an engaging, if almost overwhelming, menu.

The Monday special was two hot dogs and a drink, so, of course I went for it.  I got the Franklin Roosevelt, with mustard, onions and relish - my idea of the perfect hot dog, and the Aretha Franklin, pulled pork, slaw and crispy onions.  The base dogs were excellent, and the toppings were generous and well prepared.  The Aretha was almost too much to eat, but the pulled pork had tons of bark and a great flavor all its own.  I gave the Roosevelt a 3.75 and the Aretha a 4.25.

Kari had the Frank's Double Chzburger, with pimento cheese, fried onions and BACON jam.  The pimento cheese was top-notch and the two burger patties were perfectly cooked and drippingly delicious.  4.25

Overall our meal was messy but awesome.  The classic drinks were a perfect complement.  We will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu.


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