Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mustard Seed - Summerville, SC

If you expect a perfect restaurant visit every time, you're bound to be disappointed. Even the best restaurants will make mistakes from time to time. It's how they respond to mistakes that separates the great ones from the good ones.

The Mustard Seed is one of our "go-to" restaurants. They rarely disappoint, and when they do, they fix things. You can always count on their salmon special to be perfect, and tonight was no exception.

Things started funny with smoke filling up the kitchen as a cook apparently forgot something under high heat. The staff took it in stride and had fun with it, good-naturedly ripping on the cook in a way that entertained the guests who saw the smoke.

When they delivered a salad that clearly could have used more lettuce rinsing, the server and the manager apologized sincerely and offered to fix it. When we said it was okay, they made certain it was not on the bill, but didn't make a big deal of taking it off - it just happened. That's how you fix things. Then you deliver spectacular main courses - and all is good.

The Sweet Potato Ravioli is one of Kari's favorites, and, even though I'm not a sweet potato fan, the balsamic dressing blows me away. The big chunks of gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and perfectly wilted spinach make this a spectacular dish. This is always a 5.0.

I had the Salmon Special - Rosemay Panko Crusted with a Sweet Pea Risotto and Raspberry Drizzle. The salmon was perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. Anyone who loves salmon knows that sometimes it just isn't executed right. That's never the case at Mustard Seed. This dish was a 4.75 (only because I've had slightly better salmon - at Mustard Seed, so they beat themselves.)

Any of the Mustard Seed's will deliver a great meal.  Make it a point to visit one and make sure to give the specials a good hard look.  They really take their food seriously here.

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