Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Husk - Charleston, SC - Lunch Visit

We have a friend in town so we've been showing him some of our favorite places.  We decided on Husk for Lunch because we knew they would have the Cheeseburger (many other things on the menu change every day) and he loves cheeseburgers.

I want to start with ripping on a review of Husk I saw earlier that tore them up.  The poster clearly was pissed because the manager said his 6 year old would be okay and it obviously was not.  (Not that management said anything, it's obvious.)  Of course management will say it's okay - their not so stupid as to open the can of worms of refusing service to children!  But it's not okay!  It's not about the restaurants policy.  It's about common courtesy to the other patrons who want to enjoy their meal and not listen to your child scream, bang their silverware, run around and whatever else 6 year olds do when bored.  (Can you guess that there were kids during our meal.)  I can be reasonable about kids at lunch - but the poster who slammed the restaurant came for dinner - at a peak dining hour.  If you would bring your 6 year old to dinner at Husk - your opinion is not valid because you are dumb!

Sorry for the rant - that post has been bugging me for weeks.  As usual, our meal was excellent.  

 I started with the Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps - these were perfect!  Crispy, porky pig's ears with a delicious sauce wrapped in lettuce with home made pickled beets (I think.)  4.75

 The Husk Cheeseburger (with Bacon in the patty) was great as usual.  Our friend loved it and rated it a best burger - 4.5
Kari had the Wagyu Sirloin with a side of Cheese Grits.  The beef was beautiful - see the picture?  Quite delicious and the grits were awesome - even our grit hating friend loved them.  Beef 4.0, Grits 4.5
 I got Lamb Barbecue in a Sandwich with house made Slaw.  The Lamb was tender, juicy and had a perfect amount of smoky BBQ flavor that still let the lamb come through - 4.25

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