Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birdseye Diner - Castleton, VT 3rd visit

Way behind on entries so there's going to be a flurry of them today.

Our third time at Birdseye confirmed them as a great place for quick, friendly, inexpensive, high quality diner style food with a twist.

Today we had Fried clams (the special) and the Cajun Veggie Burger.  The clams were good, but we all know that they are just a carrier for the cocktail sauce, which was excellent.  They came with a decent tartar sauce, but then she brought fresh made, super horseradishy delicious cocktail sauce.   Throw in their always good fresh cut fries, and you have a winner.  3 for the clams, 4 for the fries, 4.5 for the cocktail sauce.

The veggie burger was good (3) and the substituted sweet potato fries were great (4).  You paid extra for the sweet potato fries, but, like the regular fries, there were a ton.

Overall a great meal and a great value.

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