Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Table 24 - Rutland, VT - Third Visit

Brought more of the clan to the restaurant.  Five of us this time, including the two picky teenage eaters and our most sophisticated palate (read oldest): Steve.

Amanda was our waitress again (she's the one who would bathe in the Jerk Chicken Fondue - which I can understand).  She was her usual helpful, friendly, funny self.  When we were torn between two wines (despite her accurate descriptions) she brought a sample of each for us to try.  The wine was 24% off - the Wine Wednesday Special.

For our meal we had a combination of appetizers and lunches.  We forced ourselves to have the Fondue again and also had the Seared Ahi and Tomato Fennel Soup.  As good as the Fondue was, the Tomato Fennel Soup took the prize.  Steve called it the best tomato soup he had ever had.  We also had the Carne Asada Salad, a huge salad with a great cut of beef, cooked perfectly and sliced on top.  It was delicious (though picky me says too many tortilla chips.)  We also had the Veggie Seasonal Plate, which came with more Very Wild Rice which is fast becoming a favorite.  The teens had Cheeseburger and The Uzarski (5 cheese Mac and Cheese.)  The boy teen even had Sweet Potato Fries with it.  They both loved there meals (and so did we!)

Jerk Chicken Fondue: 4.5
Tomato Fennel Soup: 5.0
Sweet Po Fries: 3.5
Cheeseburger: 4.0
Carne Asada Salad: 3.5
Veggie Seasonal Plate: 4.0
Seared Ahi: 4.0 (perfect presentation with pickled ginger and wasabi)
Uzarski: 4.0

Believe it or not, we have only had lunch there so far.  I guess we HAVE to go back for dinner.  Oh the trials of food blogging!

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