Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jackson's on the River - Middlebury, VT

I promised a flurry of posts, but it's turned into more of a trickle (mixed metaphor, anyone?).

Anyway, most of the clan headed to Middlebury for lunch and we decided to try Jackson's, a new (to us) restaurant on the river in downtown Middlebury.  It was a little off the beaten path, down Bakery Lane with a confusing entryway.  But it was worth finding.

The food was quite good and the view was excellent.  The service was quick and attentive, though the waitress could have been more knowledgeable on the type of BBQ sauce and the style of the house beer (she guessed - incorrectly.)  I'm giving them a mulligan on the pulled pork sandwich since I live in South Carolina most of the year.  It had cheese and a unique tomatoey sauce.  Just not my style.

We had:

BBQ sandwich with fries - mulligan on s'wich - fries were good, standard fries, delivered hot
Turkey Panini with almond pesto - 3.0 (couldn't really taste pesto, but still good)
Ceasar Salad - 3.0
Mussels - 3.5
Borscht - 4.0 (Steve's first taste worried him, but it turned out to be excellent.)
Cheeseburger with VT cheddar - 4.0

This was a great choice for riverfront dining.  Staff was friendly and the service was prompt.  Tripadvisor rates them the 7th of 15 Middlebury restaurants, but we've eaten at two rated higher (including #1) and Jackson's was better than both!

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