Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magpie - Greenfield, MA - 2nd Visit

4 of us visited Magpie on Monday.  Of course, I had another glass of Prosecco: I just can't resist the 'friendly and elegant' bubbly drink in the summertime.

To start, we had the olives, mixed and pitted and we gave a 3.5.  We were not happy when the wait staff tried to take the dish away before we were done, but we managed to save them.
We also started with Melon and Prosciutto, which was very good despite the prosciutto snobs in our group and got a 3.5 as well.

Then, the worst happened, my Prosecco was taken by the staff with a few sips left in it that I was saving to have with my pizza.  I was stunned and appalled, but I didn't complain.  I hate to ruin my dinner with the stress and annoyance of own issues, I guess.

We ordered Lasagna Bolonase, which had huge pieces of short ribs in it and we gave it a 4.5.
We also had the Vegetarian Lasagna, which also got a 4.5.  I think our favorite foods there are the lasagnas, which are phenomenal.  Unfortunately, the staff did not wrap our lasagnas to go, as we asked, but perhaps we were not very clear.
The Margarita Pizza was OK.  It could have used giant pieces of garlic, or at least more garlic.  3
The Potato and Garlic Pizza also needed more garlic.  3

We had coffee which is strong, rich and delicious.  We thought that it was perhaps pressed, but they were actually Cafe Americanos.  4
The Honey Pie was fantastic: fresh baked pizza with honey, pineapple, and coconut.  Mmmm.  4
Birch Beer Float.  3.4

The food was very good.  We were disappointed in service.  The staff was not very talkative and they kept trying to take our food away before we were done with it.  They did not package all of our food to go...maybe partly our fault, but I would like staff to double check and make sure we didn't want it packaged before taking and tossing.

Bathrooms are always clean and neat.

Maybe Monday nights are not-so-good service nights.  But, yum.

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