Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Depot 62 Cafe, Middlebury, VT

It's a strange place, tucked into a furniture store with wood fired pizzas and salads.  I wasn't sure it was open at first: there was a chef's jacket flung over the 'Entrance This Way' sign and a handful of garbage bags outside the entrance.  Inside were five or six fire extinguishers and for a moment, I thought it was under renovations.  But we continued inside and were seated at the set tables between the furniture for sale.

The waitress was very nice, if seeming a bit quiet.  We ordered a pair of salad and soup.

The salads were fresh and yummy...except the tomatoes, which are out of season, so we must forgive.  Soup was fresh and homemade, though we thought we ordered lentil and got potato.  Oh, well, it was still delicious.

We gave the food a four.  The place a 3 1/2.  Interesting.

Oh, the bathroom was clean...that's usually a good sign for the state of a restaurant's kitchen!!!  If they can't be bothered to clean what the customer SEES, jeepers, what do the places we DON'T see look like!  Eek.

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