Friday, July 22, 2011

Local Burger, Northhampton, MA

#1 of 68 Restaurants in Northhampton.  But I don't know who that's according to...
More expensive than TripAdvisor said.  $51.54 for 4 burgers, 4 non-alcoholic drinks, 2 large fries (think before ordering two large fries...that was a lot of food), and a cole slaw.

That said, this was totally awesome!!!

Hand cut french fries were HOT and fresh and we gave them a 4.  The malt vinegar comes in a spray bottle...which was cool.  I love malt vinegar on fries.
We also had sweet potato fries...super HOT HOT with the skins on.  These came with a maple mustard sauce, which was unique and definitely upped the score on the sweet pot fries.  But not the best we've ever had.  3.5

The burgers.  Holy delicious.  We were trying to decide if these are the best burgers we have ever had:
Westhampton--cheddar, bacon, ranch, and BBQ 4.8
Local--double cheeseburger, mushrooms, peppers, onion, pickles, tomato, bacon...4.5
Bacon cheeseburger...4

Cole slaw was OK.
Bathrooms were clean...but the paper towel dispenser was broke and it could have been nicer in there.
And though I was fine with the temperature, half of us said: HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR, TURN UP THE A/C!

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