Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grindz Burgers and Brews - Restaurant Week Day 6 - West Ashley, SC

We were having an altogether unimpressive experience at Grindz when the burgers arrived.  They were good burgers, maybe above average.  I even think I would go for a less "spruced up" version so I could enjoy the meat more.  But then I reviewed my notes and pictures and I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this place.

Things they did that I can forgive:  Slow service during the hours between lunch and dinner.  Tables not bussed, blinds looking shabby, kinda poorly cleaned place.  More bar than restaurant.  A beer selection that is okay, but nowhere even close to worthy of the emphasis and pride they place in it.  Overly loud (though good) music.  Getting Ranch instead of Bleu Cheese with wings.

Things that I liked: Sweet potatoe fries with honey (score of 3.0).  Half price burgers on Thursdays.  Really good meat in the burgers.  Chili on the side of the big sloppy when requested.  We gave the Big Sloppy a 3.0 and the Memphis a 3.5.  All the food was also served piping hot.

What really made this bad were the wings.  small, over-salted, and so much grease as to be disturbing.  The picture to the right does not do it justice - there is an eighth to a quarter inch thick pool of grease under the wings.  They were literally dripping.  I had to move them to the plate before pictures to keep them from getting any worse.  We gave them a 2.0.    

Too many little things and one big thing wrong.  It's too easy to make even moderately un-greasy wings.  If you like burgers, feel free to give them a try.  I would maybe go here again to watch sports, drink beer and eat a burger with a bunch of rowdy friends.  I would not go here just to eat.

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