Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Local Foods (Thornhill Farm) - Charleston, SC

Those of you who read my Stop the Insanity post know that I love farm fresh eggs.  You can't get these in the grocery stores, and Bumblechick Food just found a new source.  The egg pictured was served at 17 North Roadside Kitchen (review coming.)  That's what an egg yolk should look like!  Not pale flat or wimpy.

They told us they get them from Thornhill Farms, and they also looked up where they sell them.  This lead us to the Our Local Food store on Clements Ferry Road.  They have great vegetables and eggs from Thornhill Farms, as well as a variety of great stuff from elsewhere.  They have pork, bacon, butter, cheese, pasta, grains and numerous other things.  I'm not eating another crappy store bought egg!  They even have a delivery service!!!

Check 'em out...


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