Friday, January 27, 2012

Tristan - Charleston, SC

Kari and I decided to try Tristan on the spur of the moment.  We had only been here once, for a beer vs. wine dinner, but we really enjoyed the food back then.  We were seated at a really nice, large, round booth.  The service was impeccable, and what we really liked were the little treats that came between every course.  Starting with the delightful amuse bouche pictured to the left that was brought after we ordered our appetizer and meal.  It was a lovely Cranberry Curd with Candied Ginger and Pepper Almonds.  The ginger really popped when you ate it.  We gave it a 4.0.

I had a Pork Belly appetizer with Tuscan Kale and a Canellini Bean Puree.  The belly had a great, crisp outside layer and a ton of flavor.  The kale was rich and not bitter at all.  I gave it a 4.25.
In between appetizer and main course they brought us an intermezzo of Grapefruit, Gran Marnier Sorbet.  The alcohol was very subtle, but set off the strong grapefruit flavor quite well, especially as you breathed in and let the sorbet melt.  We gave it a 3.75.

I had the Short Rib, Free Form Lasagna with Root Vegetables and Roasted Leeks.  The rib was wrapped in a single sheet of "tattooed pasta" - two layers of lasagna with herbs pressed between them.  The flavors were good, and the presentation blew me away.  I gave it a 4.0.  I really enjoyed the sauce.  The only thing I would quibble about is that it was very un-lasagna like, except for the pasta - but maybe I'm reading too much into the name.
Kari had the Pasta with Pumpkin Crema, Espresso Powder and Pumpkin Seeds.  She really loved this, as she is a pumpkin fanatic!  She drinks every pumpkin beer that comes out from October to November.  I think she gave it a 4.25 (she never tells me during the meal, so I often don't get it written down.)  I liked it to, so 4.25 is probably right, as I am not as big of a pumpkin fan.
For dessert, more PUMPKIN!  This crazy dessert had candied pumpkin seeds, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin gelato and what can only be described as cubes of pumpkin pie filling.  A solid 4.5
Tristan doesn't do much that isn't perfect.  The variety of servers, hosts, managers and runners ensure that they never miss a beat.  This is a great place to bring someone you really want to impress with a high end dinner and impeccable service.

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