Thursday, January 5, 2012

Husk - Charleston, SC

Decided on a quick meal at the Bar at Husk tonight. Enjoyed a few beers and the "What's Up Doc" cocktail created by the mixed drink genius, Weaver. Kari really loved the drink.

The first thing we sampled was the "Ham on a Plate", a favorite of mine for years. This is a salt cured ham leg, this one made in KY. The ones from Virginia usually still have the hoof on, but this one did not. I got to try the first slices from the Ham (after Nicole and Wes had some fun orienting the new leg.) Nicole was a trooper and provided a great plate which we shared with a few new friends in the bar who had never tried it. This one was a solid 4.0

Kari had the Husk Burger, and I had the Pork Belly Sandwich. There was quite a conflict on the drive home, because Kari insisted on giving the burger a 5.0. while I (having tasted both) knew that the Pork Belly was superior to the burger, and thus, the burger could not get a 5.0.

In the interest of marital bliss, I agreed to give both a well-deserved 5.0 and crown Sean Brock the Chucktown Burger Master once again. I can't believe I used to complain about fat on my meat as a kid. My Dad was right - "That's where the flavor is!"

Thanks Nicole for taking good care of us.

Snuck a peek at the 55 gallon drum charcoal maker/food magic machine...

Not sure why the cell phone camera thinks the coals are purple...

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