Monday, January 30, 2012

Sesame Burgers and Beer - North Charleston, SC

Kari and I had eaten at the one at Citadel Mall before, and enjoyed it.  We decided to give the North Charleston location a go.  The Park Circle area by the Navy base has a ton of great restaurants opening up, so this was a good location.  We walked in and they were absolutely packed!  There were some very minor issues with service, but I attribute them to the place being slammed.  The only one thing I really would have liked to see differently was for them to point out the specials board.

That being said, we really enjoyed our food.  The beer selection is excellent, with great local craft bres on tap.  I had the Coast Centennial IPA and was once again proud of our local craft guys.  Which reminds me, BREWVIVAL is Coming!!!

So Kari had the Napa Valley Burger, with a fig and bacon jam and bleu cheese.  It was juicy and delicious and perfectly cooked.  It did make a bit of a mess when eaten.  The Sweet Potato Fries were also quite good.  I was happy that the food came out very hot - that's usually the first thing that goes wrong in a crowded restaurant.  She scored the burger a 4.0

I had the "In a Bowl" Burger, which was a burger patty over a salad with cheddar cheese and bacon.  I expected a bacon cheeseburger over a salad, but, in hindsight, what they brought was exactly what they described.  The patty was absolutely perfect!  Juicy, tons of flavor, a great crust on the outside and medium rare inside.  That's the genius of this dish.  The outside of a burger is often the best part, but it gets lost in sauces and toppings.  I was really able to enjoy the perfection of the patty.  I give the patty a 4.5, the overall dish gets a 3.75 - a really good score, but it could have used more bacon!

These guys understand that when you have burgers and beer in your name, you need to deliver on both (unlike some other people we've reviewed lately.)  They do that very well and we will be back soon!

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  1. this place is great! The food is not only great but the selection is great! You can have multiple types of meat and aren't forced to just have a beef burger. You can go with the Turkey Burger without sacrificing the creativity of their menu.

    1. Thanks for the input. That is a great point about the restaurant!

  2. Cheeto hits the nail on the head! There are tons of options to be had!