Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taco Boy - Charleston, SC

Kari and I were sitting at the bar in Taco Boy and I realized we've eaten here several times, but never made a blog entry. So I decided to throw a quick recommendation for everyone to come give the tacos a try. You can get them ala carte and enjoy an excellent variety.

Today we had the Queso, which is delightfully spicy and topped with red peppers and onions.  3.5

Make it a point to visit here, have a margarita or beer, and enjoy the decor and atmosphere.  This is where the visit was supposed to end.  But...

After ordering another beer, we decided to have tacos too.  I had the Chorizo and Potato, which earns a 4.25.  Kari had the Fried Chicken, which earned a 4.0.  The variety of tacos makes it tough to decide, so don't be afraid to order too many and overeat.  You will only regret it a little bit, and that will come after the bliss of eating great tacos.

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