Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oak Steakhouse - Restaurant Week Day 1 - Charleston, SC

I was meeting my wife and a friend here for dinner and somehow managed to sit in the bar for 20 minutes while they sat outside and waited for me in the cold. I don't feel guilty, because they know I like to drink and should have checked the bar more thoroughly (I also checked in with the hostess.) Had a great time at the bar, cool people, friendly staff, bad Celtics game on TV...

When we finally got to our table we were entertained with great service, excellent food and bad drapes. I've decided that bad drapes are a requirement for a Charleston Restaurant.  Must be some Preservation Society code or something. They're not as bad as the ones at Husk, but the food in both places makes up for the drapes.

We all had the Kurios Farm Bibb Lettuce Salad to start. The Danish Bleu Cheese dressing was excellent and the Bacon Lardons were exceptional! We gave the salad a 4.5!

The girls both had the Filet of Beef and loved it. The edges were crispy and the meat inside was like butter.  They remember loving the Sauce, Spinach and Pomme Puree, but could not describe it after eating the steak, which was the whole show on this plate.  They gave it a 4.75, and I agree.

I had the Crispy Veal Marsala.  It was crispy, despite the delicious sauce and mushrooms on top.  Well cooked and lovely, but lost out to the Filet in a not really close match...4.0

The Chocolate Cake got mixed reviews between liked it and loved it, but we decided the awesome Ice Cream allowed us to give the desert a solid 4.0

Michelle, the manager, made a point of checking on all the tables in our area after their meals.  I can only assume she does this for everyone, which I love and respect.

Overall a great experience and an awesome start to Restaurant Week.  If I was going to nitpick, I would love another steak choice from a steakhouse on the RW menu, but I can't argue that the one they chose was phenomenal.  We will be back to Oak, and I am changing them to a recommended restaurant on our Restaurant week Preview!

Just went to change it and noted that it was already recommended, based on friends reports...

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