Tuesday, January 17, 2012

O-ku - Restaurant Week Day 3 - Charleston, SC

O-ku is a very interesting looking restaurant, especially when you consider that they are the sister restaurant to Oak Steakhouse.  I liked the decor of O-ku a lot, they fit a ton of stuff into wide open spaces.  I especially like the dolphins behind the sushi bar - my submarine guys must agree they look very familiar.  I'm not a huge sushi fan, but Kari is, and I was worried about eating at a "sushi" restaurant.  I need not have worried - O-ku had plenty to choose from and was very accomodating.

They started us out with a pair of interesting amuse-bouche style treats that were not part of the menu.  Pictured was a raw salmon over cucumber and soy sauce.  The other was a pork belly bite covered with kimchee.  Both were 4.0!

My appetizer was a raw slice of Tuna, Salmon and Escolar.  Beautifully presented with perfect sauce accompaniments.  Easily a 4!  Kari had the Kabocha Bisque, which is Japanese Acorn Squash with roasted macadamia nuts.  The picture didn't do it justice, so I omitted it.  Scored it a 4.25.

 My main course was Chicken Yaki Udon (thick, white, Japanese noodles.)  It was spicy, rich and quite yummy.  The noodles were a real treat - though they kicked my ass chopstick-wise.  I gave it a 4.25 despite the mess I made of it (and the mess it made of my shirt!)
Kari had a Sushi Combination.  I didn't get everything included written down, but it had a sushi roll with crab and five Nigiri which included shrimp, salmon, tuna, snapper and one other thing.  She loved them!  4.0

Here's where I give credit for great service.  They had two deserts on the menu, but Britney, our server, must have seen the look on my face when I heard the only option was Mochi Ice Cream - can't stand the stuff.  She immediately offered to have a dessert drink made for me, asked me a few questions about my tastes, and produced an amazing strawberry, coconut cake cocktail that was delicious!  I gave it a 4.25 without even considering the service that came with it.  Kari enjoyed the Mochi Ice Cream - I have to take her word for it - I wouldn't touch it.  Gave it a 3.75.

Overall I was very impressed with O-ku.  I'm not sure who was better, Oak or O-ku, but I will go to both again.  The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable and, like Oak, the manager made a point of ensuring we were taken care of.  Don't let the word "Sushi" keep you away - this a place for everyone!


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