Monday, August 1, 2011

Otter Creek Brewing, Middlebury, VT

We went to Otter Creek Brewing to try out a few beer samples and buy some beer before heading back home.  We were a bit surprised to find a b-zillion cars in the parking lot and that OC now has some food!  And lots of dirty tables and tons of people.  We must have arrived just after the worst of the rush, but we still waited a long time and weren't acknowledged even when we tried to order at the bar for our table.  We were almost ready to give up and leave when we found service.  It almost seems like the brewery turned 'restaurant', but the staff wasn't really restaurant staff...a bit more laid back and not prepared for business!

Our server was nice and knowledgeable.  We ordered a Meat and Cheese sampler, which was really delicious.  It was a good deal and had local pepperoni and meat and local cheeses.  It could have used a few more crackers (though in their defense, so can most cheese and meat plates). was REALLY good!

Black IPA 3.5 plus
Wildflower Wheat 4ish (we tried for a Growler of this to go, but it was so foamy they couldn't do it)
Oatmeal Stout 4
Wolavers IPA 2.9
Pumpkin Ale--well, we had differing opinions on this one and we never did score it.  P gave it a 3, but K liked it much better and might have given it higher...
20th Anniversary 4, it's very a sipping beer, so drink in small amounts.  We even compared it to brandy.

We were very happy with the food and beer...hoping for improvements in service on our next visit!

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