Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop the Insanity!

I'm not one of those psycho, organic food nut-jobs.  Having said that, I appreciate things that are good, and dislike things that are bad.  Local, organic food often tastes significantly better than its mass-produced, thousand-mile shipped counterparts.  Freshness plays a big part, but care and concern of the producer do as well.  In few areas is this so obvious, and so easy to fix than it is with eggs.  I guarantee that somewhere very near you, someone is producing incredibly fresh eggs that are only marginally more expensive than store-bought crap eggs.  In fact, the odds aren't bad that you can find someone who keeps chickens in their backyard and will trade, sell or give you eggs that were in a chickens butt only hours before.

In preparing for this entry, I had my wife and sister (who keeps chickens and provided the fresh egges) go to the local store to pick up standard grocery eggs.  My sister (who IS a psycho) refused to be seen buying mass market eggs.  When they brought them home, my eight year old nephew picked up one of the eggs and said, "Are these REAL eggs?"  I couldn't say it better myself. 

 Just look at them side-by-side.  The "large" eggs aren't even as big.  And the variety of color and size available is awesome. 

Note the small poop stain on the fresh egg.  If you're getting them from the right people, they're not even washed until just before use.  Leaves a protective layer that maintains freshness.
But the real difference is when cooked and eaten.  Look at the gorgeous yolk and tight whites on the left.  No comparison.  And the taste - you'll have to try it for yourself.  Fresh, local eggs are a no-brainer!


  1. I kill for whites that hold their shapes like that.

  2. i, the crazy-sister, raised the chickens that laid the eggs with the whites that held their shapes like that. and, just for the record, the chicken came first.