Sunday, June 24, 2012

Centifonti's - La Mesa, CA

Even though we were here for breakfast, I couldn't help but admire the bar area.  They had beer boots and a good selection of beer.  It looks like a cool place to hang out.  Breakfast was alright too.

I had the House Made Granola with An Over Medium Egg and Their Centifonti's Potatoes.  The Granola was awesome, with great dried fruit and nuts.  I gave the Granola a 4.5.  The Egg was cooked perfectly but the potatoes were a little bland.  I give the Egg a 4.0 and the Potatoes a 3.0.

Roz and Kari had the French Toast, which was cooked with Almonds.  They absolutely loved them.  They were just the right custardly consistency inside the Toast.  They both agreed they deserved a 4.5.

I would come back for breakfast, but I'm really looking forward to drinking here.

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