Monday, June 18, 2012

Mission Inn Restaurant - Riverside, CA

Decided to try the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast.  We didn't want to go far afield since we have a pretty busy schedule.  We've had really good dinners here in the past, but breakfast is always a wildcard.

I had the Eggs Benedict, which, if you're a follower of the blog, you know I have pretty exacting standards for.  The Hollandaise Sauce tasted kinda bland at first, but when combined with the eggs, Canadian bacon and English muffins, the overall flavor was really spicy and wonderful.  The muffins were absolutely perfect, clearly well buttered and crisped on the griddle.  I gave the Eggs Benedict a 4.25.  The hash browns were really just okay, I gave them a 2.75.

Kari had Oatmeal and a Croissant.  The Croissant was giant, fluffy, buttery and yummy.  The Oatmeal was pretty mushy, but they served it with raisins, brown sugar and bananas on the side.  Overall, her meal was a 3.5.

The atmosphere, service and coffee were very good.  I would eat here if I stayed here, but probably wouldn't seek them out for breakfast.  Simple Simon's is close - and much better.

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